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Teaching Schedule

Winter 2013/14

Check back often as this schedule is subject to change.

Wednesday 8:00-9:00am OPEN KamaDeva Yoga Register for class
Wednesday 9:30-10:45am Level 2-3 KamaDeva Yoga Register for class
Thursday 9:30-10:45am OPEN KamaDeva Yoga Register for class
Saturday 10:00-11:15am OPEN KamaDeva Yoga Register for class

There are also lots of SUP/Yoga offerings this summer!
Click here for SUP & YOGA offerings

Private Yoga Instruction

Take your Yoga Practice to the Next Level
With over 18 years of experience and training, and a strong background in dance, athletics, reiki, thai massage, and pre and post natal yoga, Jessica offers what many teachers cannot—she understands the body well. Enjoy one-on-one private sessions in the comfort of your home or at the studio. Rates vary depending on location, and number of students. Please contact Jessica to inquire about private group yoga classes.

NEW: Customized Yoga Sequences!

Customized Yoga Sequences Emailed to You
Based on your goals, injuries and limitations, Jessica Bellofatto will create a personalized 30 minute yoga sequence for you to practice at home. Please contact Jessica to schedule the initial 15 minute phone consultation.

"Some yoga classes teach stretching, and some relaxation, and some exercise; Jessica Bellofatto's classes are up to something else. Whether discussing the greater trochanter with a dancer's precision, or the challenge of a handstand with a mother's firm encouragement toward risk, or the peace in practice with the faithful clarity of a true teacher, Jessica is a light in any room she enters.

Shining, yet hidden, Spirit lives in the cavern,' says the Mundaka Upanishad; beside this teacher's modesty lives her knowledge of the integrity of body and soul. 'Upanishad' is sometimes translated to mean 'to sit near,' to begin to know the secret of what this life is; it's a rare and precious opportunity to sit near and to practice with Jessica"
Suzanne Gardinier

"Jessica Bellofatto is truly a very qualified yoga instructor. Her clear instructions and her great attention to detail in her classes make her an exceptional teacher. I’ve been benefitting from her teachings at Yoga Shanti as well as privately. She is a beautiful human being and it reflects in her great teachings"
Beate V. Moore


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