The Art of Touch:
 Hands-on Adjustments

at KamaDeva Yoga, East Hampton

February 28 and March 1, 2015 


In this special weekend training open to all teachers, teacher trainers, bodyworkers, and aspiring teachers, we will explore the use of hands on adjustments during both group and private yoga sessions.  The types of touch- who, when and why to touch students in a certain asana, using your eyes to see BEFORE adjusting, upper body and lower body adjustments for over 30 poses, and more.  Taught by Lois Nesbitt and Jessica Bellofatto.  With close to 40 combined years of experience teaching (and adjusting) students, you will learn how to safely and effectively adjust your students to enhance their experience in a pose and guide them towards optimal alignment.
Date:  February 28 and March 1
Time:  Saturday 8:15am -5pm with lunch break 11-12 / Sunday 8am-5pm with lunch 1-2pm
Investment: $550

Just Sit: Hip Opener Workshop

at KamaDeva Yoga, East Hampton

Saturday 14 March, 2015 


Join Jessica Bellofatto for a special workshop ‘Just Sit.’ We will explore the pose of the month chosen by Leigh Anne Eberle—Sukhasana, or easy pose, as well as a variety of hip openers so that we can learn how to sit more comfortably and have the body be less of a distraction for meditation. In typical KamaDeva fashion, this workshop will weave asana, pranayama, meditation, music, poetry, and the dharma in a seamless yogic journey that will leave you happy, sweaty, refreshed and restored on many levels. 

Cost: $40 drop-in or 2 sessions from your class cards
Registration: Click here to register online for this workshop


Spring Renewal Workshop with Jessica Bellofatto at Be True Yoga

Sunday, March 29, 9-11am (Scarsdale, NY)

As we have just passed the vernal equinox on March 20, and are approaching more and more daylight hours,  just as all around us we see signs of nature waking up again, a time of renewal, rebirth, new beginnings, so too should our bodies follow this natural rhythm found in nature.  The word equinox literally means equal night, since the length of day and night are the same, and the word vernal means fresh or new like the spring.  Thus this is the time to move out of winter’s slumber and stagnation and into greater balance, as Yoga is constantly teaching us and encouraging us to find.

In this workshop with Jessica Bellofatto, we will explore balancing the opposing energies of sun and moon, light and dark, masculine and feminine.  We will learn how to work in each asana so that there is a sense of Sattva (the place in the middle), in which the body can experience maximum freedom, opening, and bliss.   Cost: $50

Location: Be True Yoga, in Scarsdale, NY
Registration: Available Soon

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